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21 Savage Provides Update On Coronavirus-like Symptoms


21 Savage isn’t feeling well.

Saturday, 21 Savage took to Instagram to reveal that he hasn’t been feeling too good and naturally bought the topic of the coronavirus into the mix. Per the rapper, he hasn’t officially been diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease that the virus causes, however those around him are convinced that he may be infected.

“I been breaking down my symptoms I been feeling and shit. Everybody keep talking ’bout it sound like coronavirus,” he revealed in an Instagram story. “So I say, ‘OK, say less.’ Where could I have received this coronavirus from? So I go to thinking about my schedule. OK, where I went? OK, we went to the club the other night.”

According to 21 Savage, there were too many “fuck boys” in attendance at the club that he attended. In his eyes, they were the most plausible targets for infection, unlike himself.

“So I’m like, ain’t no way in hell I caught it in the club, ’cause I know it ain’t just skipped over and came straight to me type shit,” he added. ” ‘Cause it’s like, damn, whoever the higher power is, bruh, I know it’s 60, 70 fuck ni–as in the club. I came with some of the fuck ni–as. So, I know it’s a good amount of fuck ni–as in the club tonight. Ain’t no way in hell this shit done skipped over all these fuck ni–as and just landed right on me.” 

He goes on to self-diagnose and chalks his symptoms up to a “sinus cold.”

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