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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Emulates Michael Jackson


A Boogie wit da Hoodie paid homage to the late King of Pop by recreating a shot from Michael Jackson’s infamous L.A. Gear license plate photo shoot.

A Boogie wit da Hoodie is the mirror image of Michael Jackson in his latest Instagram post, in which the rapper recreated a shot from the King of Pop’s infamous L.A. Gear campaign. A Boogie did his best impression of the late musical icon, sporting a similar leather jacket and white T-Shirt, and nearly identical pair of ripped jeans and sneakers as MJ’s. He also stood in front of a strikingly similar wall of license plates, and to complete the imitation, he even posed the same way. Boogie made sure to put their photos side-by-side for quick comparison, and the results are pretty impressive.

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He shared the photographic tribute on his Instagram, adding three black hearts in the caption. It’s no secret that A Boogie is a fan of MJ’s. Back in 2018, he managed to get a sample of Michael’s 2001 hit “You Rock My World,” cleared for his own song, “Look Back At It.” On the track, A Boogie imitates MJ’s signature scatting before interpolating the melody of “You Rock My World.” It looks like he’s still a huge fan, and he’s not the only modern day artist who’s been inspired by the King of Pop. Breakout star Roddy Ricch recently revealed that the iconic “EE ER” sound effect on his #1 hit single, “The Box,” was actually inspired by Michael Jackson.