{Album} “Last Day Of Summer” Summer Walker


Summer Walker Officially Arrives With “Last Day Of Summer” Project

Summer Walker makes a bold entrance with “Last Day of Summer.”

After an impressive rollout of singles this past season, LVRN’s resident siren Summer Walker has arrived with her first major debut in the form of her Last Day Of Summer project this week.Packaged in 12 tracks total, Last Day Of Summer is a beautifully comprehensive summary of the range that characterizes the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. While highlighting strong R&B-driven breakouts such as “CPR” and “Girls Need Love,” Last Day Of Summer equally presents charming and soulful cuts in “Baby” and “Just Like Me” which, for the sake of comparison, will easily strike a chord with fans of the soundscapes of Amy Winehouse and a Coming Home-era Leon Bridges.Last Day Of Summer is a winding composition that sees Summer Walker taking on sexuality, face tats, and everything else that could possible fall in between. The Atlanta-based vocalist artfully approaches the dynamics of womanhood, asserting independence with lyrics like, “I don’t need you and I’m not supposed to,” (“BP”) while seamlessly shifting into vulnerability: “Damn I really hate feeling alone/Maybe you could make me feel at home,” (“CPR”).Next up, she’ll be taking her talents on the road in support of fellow LVRN mate 6LACK on dates throughout the North American leg of the East Atlanta Love Letter tour.Until then, get acquianted with the Last Day Of Summer.

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