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Babyface Throws Shade At R. Kelly On Stage


R. Kelly becomes the punchline of Babyface’s story of his fifth-grade teacher.

The music industry continues to shun R. Kelly as his legal issues regarding sex crimes pile up. The singer is still behind bars with his trial date postponed to later this year. People have distanced themselves from him in recent times specifically and his name continues to serve a punchline to many jokes. Babyface, for instance, was on stage recently when he recounted a crush he had on his fifth-grade teacher.

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“Fifth grade. That was the one. Could’ve changed my life. I don’t know if I’d eveb=n be standing here today if that hadn’t happened. You know what her name was? Mrs. Potter. That’s right, my fifth grade teacher,” he began. “I had a thing for her but to be honest, I kind of think she had a thing for me.” He explained how she’d give him extra credit even though he didn’t do anything to deserve it. 

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“If that was today, you’d get hooked up,” he added as he alluded to a thrusting motion. “If that had happened back then, I’d be a whole different kind of songwriter. Don’t you think?” He asked the crowd. “I mean, I don’t know. I might write songs like R. Kelly or something.”

Peep the entire clip below.