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Blueface Asks His Mom To Crack Egg On Her Head For $1K


Blueface shared a video of himself with his mother where he offers her $1K in cash if she allowed him to crack to eggs on her head.

There was a point in time when Blueface had a tense relationship with his mother, but it looks as if they’re in a much better place. In the summer of 2019, social media blew up after Blueface was engaged in a family feud with his mother and sister. The trio was locked in a war of words after the rapper kicked them out of his house. His sister went on to release a diss track and his mother penned a lengthy message about her dear Johnathan Porter who she said was changing into a person she couldn’t recognize after becoming a rap star. 

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Relationships were healed outside of the public eye, and now Blueface is back to giving his mother a hard time, yet now it’s for laughs. On Tuesday (March 24), the rapper uploaded a video to social media where he offers his mother a deal. “I’ll give you one thousand dollars if you let me crack two eggs on your head,’ Blueface said. His mother upped the ante and asked for $1,000 per egg.

They attempted to negotiate, but eventually, mom gave in. In the end, Blueface only cracked one egg on her head and just gave her the money. Watch Blueface’s clip with his mother below and let us know if you’re mom would take this deal.