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Bobby Shmurda Jams To Pop Smoke, Fans Want Collab

Bobby Shmurda Jams To Pop Smoke, Fans Want Collab

The “Hot N*gga” rapper is back on social media and he’s showing love to the late Pop Smoke.

The welcome wagon for Bobby Shmurda is unprecedented. It’s been 24 hours since the “Hot N*gga” rapper was released from prison after serving six years, and he walked into a life of luxury that he had yet to acquire before starting his bid. Shmurda celebrated numerous certified plaques being put on display, he was gifted with stacks and stacks of cash, he was fitted with a new designer wardrobe, and Quavo even packed the private jet to pick him up in style.

To call these first few hours of freedom for Shmurda “eventful” is an understatement, and he’s back on Instagram sharing his new life with the world. It’s reported that he acquired two million new followers this week alone, and they’re eager to hear what he’s cooking up next. Yet, Bobby Shmurda seems to be enjoying his downtime and he even shared a video of himself listening to Pop Smoke’s “Hello” featuring A-Boogie wit da Hoodie.

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What’s interesting is that Bobby Shmurda went to prison two years before Pop Smoke began rapping and returned home days after the anniversary of his death. This clip has caused fans of both rappers to petition for these two to posthumously collaborate. Check out the video below.

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