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Boosie Speaks On Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy’s Dead Friend In Verzuz Battle

Boosie Speaks On Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy's Dead Friend In Verzuz Battle

Boosie Badazz reflects on Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s Verzuz battle, and how he would have reacted had somebody dissed his dead friend.

DJ Vlad’s latest interview with Boosie Badazz has unearthed no shortage of gems, as the vocal Baton Rouge rapper has reacted to damn near every topic in recent memory. In today’s installment (part 37), Boosie touched on the widely publicized Verzuz battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane, during which the late tempted fate with a performance of the incendiary “Truth.” All the while, onlookers watched amidst palpable tension, wondering if Jeezy would react to Guwop’s clear provocation.

Boosie Badazz

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“I watched the part with Pookie Loc, I watched that shit,” says Boosie. “He said ‘I’m smoking on that Pookie Loc tonight.'” After Vlad jokes about a meme insinuating that Gucci Mane was armed during the performance, Boosie has a hearty laugh before circling back to the topic at hand. “I like how they bossed up, but I would have charged that n***a,” admits Boosie. “If he had said he was smoking on my partner, I’d have felt that was a type of disrespect…I thought we were walking about music. You can say that in a song if that’s part of a song, but you ain’t gon’ say…” 

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“They was supposed to have that understanding before they got there,” he continues. “But I like how they handled it as bosses. I got a lot of respect for them for not taking it there and really bossing up and letting it be.” Vlad remarks that while Jeezy appears to have moved past the incident, Gucci has yet to fully shake the grudge. “Jeezy done showed the world he a real n***a,” reflects Boosie. “He not trying to prove he a real n***a again by going back. That’s what Jeezy stood for.” 

Check out Boosie’s take on Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s Verzuz battle below, and check back for further insight from the Baton Rouge rapper as it surfaces. 

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