Breaking: U.S. overtakes China, Italy as world’s worst-hit by coronavirus


U.S. now the world’s worst hit by coronavirus. Above, a coronavirus patient being stretchered away in US.

The United States has now overtaken China and Italy as the world’s worst-hit country by the raging coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. took the morbid distinction Thursday night after the daily confirmed cases of a record 13, 685 were added, shooting the country to the top of the table with 81,896 cases.

China where the pandemic began late last year has 81,285 cases and Italy, the worst hit country in Europe has 80, 589 cases.

According to figures, while Italy recorded 6,203 cases on Thursday, less than half of American figure, China logged just 67.

The death toll in the U.S. has also spiralled to 1,174. On Thursday, 147 new deaths were recorded.

The U.S. being able to keep its fatalities low appears to be a silver lining as the coronavirus pandemic rages.

Italy holds the world record of 8215 deaths, followed by Spain, with 4,145.

China, where the pandemic started from has a death toll of 3,287.

The second silver lining for America is that the recovery rate has increased. On Wedneday, it was just 394 recoveries. The figure jumped to 1,864 cases.

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