Bree Runway Makes An Impressive Entrance On “APESHIT”


Bree Runway has all the makings of a pop star on the rise. The Brixton native’s seamless advantage in vacillating between hard-hitting raps and angelic vocals all while packaging it in a catalog that chooses to ignore genre and lean into an impalpable quality that’s made fans out of the likes of Rihanna, Missy Elliot, and Stormzy among others. Now, Bree touches down with her newest “Apeshit” track, an energetic delivery that evolves with each passing minute into a textured and impressive output with an equally energizing clip to match.

“For black girls making music, we tend to only get reduced to soul or R&B, but I’m a pop girl, and there’s other black girls who may be rock girls, experimental girls, dance girls, or pop girls too,” she tells i-D. “I just want my journey, this year and beyond, to be a testament to staying true to yourself and thriving; you don’t have to do what they expect of you. You can do you and still win.”

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