BSU Graduate Burnt To Death In ”Jungle Justice Style” In Benue State


    There’s outrage in Benue state following the brutal killing of a Benue State University  graduate who recently  completed his NYSC  at Katsina state on December 14th .

    The victim identified as Jacob Kaapela (aka Big Daddy) who hails from Mbapier of Gwer-East Local Government Area was killed in Jungle Justice Style alongside one Akper Donald (Don Joe).

    The reason for the heinous act is yet to be ascertain by QUEENDOOSH, but some source said it was in a case of armed robbery, though most people who know the victims personally have stated that it was a case of mistaken identity.

    Our sources are trying to get to the details of the matter and we shall be bringing you the full details.

    However, Jacob, before his death was an active Facebook user. In one of his post he was made a post celebrating 2019 not knowing his end was near.

    Below are Jocobs Kaapela’s  post on social media. He wrote;

    Everywhere stew, New Year celebration is a goal.

     I will be singing praise to God as i melody   in Church tonight and morrow morning, by morrow evening i will spice it up with Shaku-Shaku and Motigbana songs titled by the famous Niga artist Olamide, as money no be problem…. enough holy spirit and meat will be involved so if you can find your way to my sitting arena be less assured that your day will be made big time.

     Happy new year my lovely people. # Big Daddy with a Big God. Para para’’.

    In another post he wrote;

    ‘’Happy New Year to everyone out there, may you experience God’s presence, grace and unmerited favour this year and beyond in Jesus name.

     I’m glad to mark present on this long awaited day and i believe you do same, don’t forget to eat and drink responsibly.

    Less i forget if you can find your way to my location, there is enough to eat and drink.  #money no be problem’’.

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    Meanwhile, his heartbroken friends  have taken to social media to mourn his lost. Read below their comments as gathered by QUEENDOOSH;

    ‘’What a wicked world we live in. Many times, people get what they do not deserve. One of those guys burnt alive at Ikpayongo yesterday- Jacob Kaapela- did not deserve to suffer that kind of death. He was not a criminal. He was soft-spoken and shy. He went through hell to graduate from BSU, came back from NYSC last November only to be roasted alive by nonentities yesterday.

    Jacob is my brother. We both hail from Mbapier of Gwer-East LGA. We are neighbours in Taraku and our parents used to enjoy a warm friendship. Our mum was very close to theirs. He and his other siblings are orphans, having lost both parents decades ago.

    Their mum died of a snake bite in the early 90s. She had gone to the stream nearby to get firewood on a sunday afternoon after church and was bitten by a snake. She died less than an hour after. People were crying and rolling on the ground, including her disconsolate husband, who died a few years later leaving the children totally exposed and defenceless.

    Sadly, Jacob and his siblings have a very wicked man for an uncle- their late Dad’s elder bro. The man is a terrorist- physically and spiritually. This has forced Jacob and his siblings to leave home. The sisters are married and the brothers have migrated to other states to look for daily bread. Jacob is the only university graduate among them. His stay in BSU was hell. On countless occasions he came to me, but I could only do just a little. The guy really suffered I am shattered by his tragic death. Why do some people have to suffer in life like this?

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    One lesson we must learn: If you have children, endeavour to leave something for them to fall back on when you die. Entrust those resources in the hands of a trusted person or institution- a Priest or Priests, or the Diocese. Many of us, especially in Tivland, come from homes where wickedness reigns supreme. Don’t let witches destroy your children’s future.

    May God grant happy repose to the soul of Jacob Kaapela, Ferdinard  Shinyi  wrote.


    The first and last time ever I was accused of stealing was in 2006 by my neighbours, people I grew up with. I was accused of stealing, I think N1,500, if I’m not forgetting.

    According to my accusers, they went to a soothsayer who told them I stole the money and that if I deny I should to brought to his shrine to come and take an oath. I insisted and rightly so that I didn’t steal the money so I was dragged to the shrine. On getting there, a second thought occurred to me. It is only a fool that will see evil from miles ahead and refuse to remove himself from that space. I refused to take that oath for I did not know the evil machinations that could have taken place behind my back. I refused to flex muscle with the babalawo. I offered instead to pay the money and move on.

    Kaapela Jacob you did not have such an opportunity to extricate yourself from the evil machinations of your accusers. Maybe you could have decide to pay the stolen bike so that you will live instead of been roasted alive yesterday by wicked, irate illiterate barbarians barely two months after completing your National Youth Service. The most gruesome wickedness perpetrated by man against man for something as mundane and insignificant as a bike.

    I was lucky. Like Kaapela Jacob, many have gone this way for what they know nothing about.

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    It is not enough to say that may your soul rest in peace and move on like we are wont to. May those behind this inhumane behavior of carrying out jungle justice be found and brought to justice to serve as deterrent to others.

    May our society grow above those relic of savages and barbarians from the stone age to what the 21st century stand for: respect for human rights.

    It is painful to say good night, brother. Rest well’’.Aondovenda  Terfa Wrote.

    ‘’In as much as I detest crime, I do not support the idea of jungle justice. How can human beings be burnt like animals?


    Akper Donald (Don Joe)


     Jacob Kaapela (Big Daddy)’’ ,Stephen kumator added.

    ‘’Dear cousin, my deepest prayers are that God the Almighty accept you and pardon you your sins. The cruelty of the world is thick. I can’t say more than this.

    Last year in February, Aondongu, your immediate younger brother whom we grew up together with my mother surrendered to hepatitis and today yours came in the most unthinkable way but God knows best.

    You left service from far Katsina back to Benue in November last year where you served the nation and also humbly learnt the hand craft of making shoes. You however couldn’t be allowed to put the ideas of your hardwork to use going forward in life by people who are still living in the past.

    Your death and many more have taught me lessons I must dwell on throughout the course of my existence.

    May God pardon you and grant you heaven where injustice does not thrive.

    James Gerald Ayilla wrote in a statement.

    May God grant him eternal rest. Amen!