BUEPA 2018: Veremba Entertainment bags over 10 nominations – See Categories


Veremba Entertainment bags over 10 nominations in the ongoing 2018 BUEPA!

See all nominations for Veremba World Entertainment indicated with red in each category.

Best Dance Act(BUEPA)

*Boldstepz Empire
*The Mob
*Dance Ark
*Groove gang

Student Producer of The Year(BUEPA)

*Cirus John Gbagir
*Poj beats
*Thrive Daniel

Student Indengenous Rapper (BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Much More

Student Photography of The Year(BUEPA)

*Aminu Sanusi Photography
*Raykolorz Photography
*Aleva Photography
*Yisa Visuals
*Dominion Ebi Photography

Graphics Designer of The Year(BUEPA)

*Tuklean Graphic
*Ownkid Graphic
*Dessy Creative
*Lutafogy Graphic
*St Graphic
*Austin Majis Design

Fashion Designer of The Year Female (BUEPA)

*Claribel Stitches
*Sky View
*kateral Couture
*QN Apparel
*Loods Covering

Student Actress of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Mathew Precious
*Iverem Antiev
*Ene Empress

Vocal Performance of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Mr Lyriq (Simi – Gone for Good Cover)
*Jay6ix(Cobhams Asuquo – One Hit Cover)
*Attraction(Thirst for Love)
*Shime Ahua (Daddy)

Student Music Act of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Boi Solo

Student Next Rated Act(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Sir City
*Slim Birdie

Student DJ of The Year (BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*DJ Disqo
*DJ Willis
*DJ Figgzy

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Hip Hop World Revolution (BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Spillz Ochai
*Meddy Olotu
*Nazi Armani

Fast Rising Queen (BUEPA)

*Miss Macosa ( Attah Lucy)
*Miss Naliss (Susan Cassisy)
*Finest Girl UAM (Nadia Pearl Lloduba)
*Miss Idoma Bsu (Ene Mary Ekele)

Mix Engineer of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Benzee Soundkraft
*Zedicg Tha Gifted
*Echow Clay

Student Entrepreneur of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Cbrain Stitches
*James Photography
*Sage Computer
*J2k Couture
*Ocharifu Noah

Student Actors of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Fleet Man
*Maxwell Peters
*Lawrence Okpe Lawrence
*Small Peter Agber

Female Act of The Year(BUEPA)

*Shime Ahua
*Jayne Phoenix
*Ruth Brooks

Fashion Designer of The Year Male(BUEPA)

*Adole Stitches
*J2k Couture
*Divine Fabric
*Zoe Culture
*Eprinz Fashion & Design
*JOE Downtown Fashion Box
*Cbrain Stitches

Personality of The Year(BUEPA)

*Precious Ogidi (Ex Face of Idoma 2015)
*Patience Abah (Ex Face of Idoma 2016)
*Ola Ngbede Isaac (Nais Vice President)
*Dema Malcolm Msonter

Most Outstanding Queen of The Year(BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Queen Marry Akum Aebeh (Face of Idoma International 2017)
*Queen Ene Lizzy (Face of Ogbadibo 2017)
*Queen Patra Ameh (Miss Festival Queen International 2017)
*Queen Jessica Uva (Kumashe u Tiv 2017)
* Queen Daniel Precious (Face of Idoma Tourism 2017)
* Queen Wuapera (Queen of Culture and Tourism)

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Song of The Year (BUEPA)

*Gaddafi By Xhicute
*Holy Water By Edache Daniels
*Mr Right By Jay6ix
*Gentle Man By Kidswizzy
*Higher By Emmytee
*Nalie By Starrex ft MC Freshboi

Best Music Video (BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)

*Eyii By Elra
*Higher By Emmytee
*For Example By Taye Myt
*New Anointing By Spillz Ochai
*Sekpe By Fleetman ft Smk,Emmytee
*My Case By Jayne Phoenix

Student Blog. of The Year (BUEPA Non Student Voting Category)


Best Make Up Artist

*Faces By Sugh
*Mushis Glam
*Doovella Make Over
*Jois Affair
*Alexis Signature
*Berry Faces

Music Act of The Year(BUEPA)

*Mr Lyriq
*Kid Swizzy
*Edache Daniels

Fast Rising Act(BUEPA)

*Jay Mella
*Czar Blaze
*General Bennix
*Yaboi Decent
*Crystal Clear

Next Rated Act(BUEPA)

*Oj Styles
*Kleff Tha Vocalist
*Bray Billz

Outstanding Male Model(BUEPA)

*Michael Obande
*Abu Marshal
*Mose Ikor
*Sammy James
*Dele Kelvin

Outstanding Female Model(BUEPA)

*Okafor Scholastica
*Ogalegwu Vivian
*Emmanuella Dandegh
*Nancy Ifezue

Best Blog(BUEPA)


Best Mc of The Year (BUEPA)

*Mc Jay
*Mc Jedi Jedi
*Mc Stone
*Mc Viva
*Mc Anita

Best Student Music Album (BUEPA)

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*Don’t Kill My Vibe By Beezee D Soundkraft
*Blood Bank By Lil Mizzy
*Success Story By Xbizzy
*Somewhere in Life By Edache Daniels

Best Dressed Male Student(BUEPA)

*Tor Luwie
*Oduh Henry
*Jimmy Alobo
*Iwer Cedric
*James Lazarus

Most Contemporary Gospel Act of The Year(BUEPA)

*Edache Daniels
*Spills Ochai

Next Rated Gospel Act(BUEPA)

*Oz Jhay
*Lil Mizzy

Best Rapper of The Year(BUEPA)

*Bray Bills

Best Modeling Agency(BUEPA)

*F2 Models
*Spotlight Models
*French Model Africa
*Zaddy Modeling Agency
*Royal Africa Model

Best D.J of The Year(BUEPA)

*Dj Genesis
*Dj Adams
*Dj Swapking
*Dj Walter
*Dj Swazyi
*Dj Shimex
*Dj Popular
*Dj Dante

Entertainment Brand of The Year(BUEPA)

*Veremba World Entertainment
*Supreme Fashion and Entertainment
*Incredible Stars Entertainment
*Excel Entertainment
*Emkross Entertainment

Uprising Female Model(BUEPA)

*Sylvia Buba
*Ene Okpachu
*Nadia Pear Lloduba
*Ugochi Grace Nnamedi
*Peters Ihotu
*Anita Daniel

Uprising Male Model(BUEPA)

*Agi David Edoh
*Ade Michael Inalegwu
*Alechenu Godwin
*Ocheje Jeremiah
*Ahika Joshua
*Solomon Bernard

Best Dressed Female Student(BUEPA)

*Tessy Aguda
*Meg Claribel
*Mirabirth Paul
*Abahi Blessing

Celebrity of The Year (Non Voting Student Category(BUEPA)

*Benny Cash
*T.R Money