Cardi B Is Back With Her Latest Banger “Up”

Cardi B Is Back With Her Latest Banger

Hours prior to its release, Cardi B’s latest single was already a trending topic on social media. The New York rapper surprised fans earlier this week with the news that she had a brand new single ready and it’s something that people have been waiting for. Last year, the industry took a heavy hit due to the pandemic and impending quarantine, but artists made it work over time, eventually releasing projects and finding inventive ways to connect with their audiences.

Cardi repeatedly shared that she planned an entire rollout in 2020 but decided to hold back for the time being. She did deliver her No. 1 hit “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, and she’s hoping that “Up” will follow in its footsteps. On Friday (February 5), Cardi shared her first single of 2021 and she’s flying solo this time around. Her dedicated fanbase has been sharing this left and right within its first minutes, so stream “Up” and let us know your thoughts about the racy video.

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Quotable Lyrics

Chances are they probably not
If I had a d*ck ya probably lick it like a lollipop
Hoes speaking Japanese hit her with karate chop
I’m forever popping sh*t
Pulling up and dropping sh*t
Gotta argue with him cause a n*gga love a toxic b*tch

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]