Cardi B Pornhub Searches Have Plummeted Since December


    Where’s the love for Belcalis?

    Cardi B searches on the popular Pornhub adult streaming service have spiked at an alarming rate. The Pornhub Insights Log data team reports that numbers indicate a 1007% increase in “Cardi B” searches in December, only to free fall after a video of her and Offset pretending to have sex on Social Media was uploaded to the site.

    Before long, the keywords “Cardi B Sex Tape” became discursive on the site. The trend remained stable after the initial drop in popularity, with spikes occurring after the release of “Finesse” with Bruno Mars, in February, and most recently in April when she finally revealed her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live. Users looking for greater stimuli have resorted to searching for “Cardi B look alike” in place of the regular videos posted on the site. News cycles often effect search increases on the website, as in the case of other celebrities with content on the site such as Stormy Daniels, Aubrey O’Day and Karen McDougal.

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    For what it’s worth, the sexualization of the pregnant body is something people are to ashamed to admit they find arousing. Pornhub’s data team has the unenviable task of combing through humanity’s greatest perversions as well as their nascent fantasies. Maybe one day, the world will bear witness to Cardi B’s threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen. Until then, we’ll have to respect the boundaries set before us.