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Casanova & His Wife Share Funny Clip Of Rapper Doing “June Bug Challenge”

Casanova & His Wife Share Funny Clip Of Rapper Doing

The rapper also reemerged on Instagram with a new page and a few posts about friendship and loyalty.

It’s clear that he’d rather be at home enjoying all the finer things in life that his successful rap career has afforded him, but Casanova looks to be making the most out of his time in jail. The rapper turned himself over to federal authorities in early December after being charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and firearms possession. Casanova has since pleaded not guilty and has expressed that he looks forward to beating his case.

Days ago, he resurfaced on Instagram after his last page was deleted. “I’ll have your back through anything…. Just don’t forget I got a back too… I hope that dont go over your head,” the rapper posted to his page. He followed it up with a post today (February 3), “Keep your personal business to yourself and move in silence. Remember, your friends got friends you don’t f*ck with. I hope that don’t go over your head.”

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Aside from the enigmatic warnings, Casanova and his wife, Swaggy Jazzy, both shared a light-hearted clip of the rapper from behind bars. Casanova was giving his take on the increasingly popular “June Bug Challenge,” and it looks like he jokingly called out Meek Mill and G Herbo. “@meekmill and @nolimitherbo y’all don’t want no smoke y’all know my body lol y’all lucky I ain’t home #junebugchallenge.” Check out the posts below.

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