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Coronavirus Causes People To Spend Millions On Bunkers


The coronavirus panic has made people clear out their local markets and purchase doomsday bunkers just in case things get worse.

The coronavirus mania is here, and we’re waist-deep in it. The COVID-19 virus has been officially classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, but even before the official title, people were beginning to panic. The shelves of markets are vacant as people have begun hoarding items, especially toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

Travel bans have been issued, contact with other people is being avoided, millions are self-containing themselves to avoid contracting the virus, businesses are sending their employees home, sports leagues have suspended games, schools have halted their class schedules, live shows have been canceled, and apparently, people are spending big bucks on doomsday shelters. TMZ reports that companies who make and create bunkers have told the publication that business has been better than ever in the last month.

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Rising S reportedly makes shelters that can cost you anywhere from $50K to one million dollars, and they’ve been inundated with new inquiries and orders. They also “can supply, at an extra cost, non-perishable food and medical supplies. And, for those who plunk down a pretty penny, there are free perks — customers will get a 5-gallon hand sanitizer (made by Rising S), masks, rubber gloves and bleach.”

Two weeks ago, someone in Japan is said to have recently purchased 1,000 air filtration systems from them for $3 million. Another company, Vivos Underground Survival Shelters, told TMZ that their profits have increased mainly from people leasing new bunkers for upwards of six months. When the panic dissipates, it might be difficult to sell off your coronavirus shelter.