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DaniLeigh Shares A Message About Leveling Up After DaBaby Breakup

DaniLeigh Shares A Message About Leveling Up After DaBaby Breakup

After being taunted by trolls, DaniLeigh shares that this season will feel as if one is “losing more than you are gaining.”

It’s a fresh start for DaniLeigh now that she’s announced her relationship with DaBaby is over. The singer-rapper only recently revealed her romance with the North Carolina star, confirming rumors that the couple has something going on behind the scenes. There were a few controversial moments last year when DaniLeigh and the mother of DaBaby’s daughter, MeMe, got into a social media spat or two, but judging by their lovey-dovey posts and music video appearances, Dani and DaBaby were the next “it” couple in the rap game.

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News of the breakup came in the form of an “officially single” Instagram Story post while DaBaby used the moment to share a Valentine’s Day contest where the winner gets to spend a little one-on-one time with the rapper. Some people are using the dissolution of the two artists’ relationship as an opportunity to troll DaniLeigh with “yellow bone” taunts, but she’s already made it clear that she isn’t going to let the jabs affect her.

The Los Angeles-based artist returned to her Story with another message for the masses. “Anytime GOD calls you to a new level it will seem like you’re losing more than you are gaining…stay encouraged…he is making room.” When we interviewed Dani back in December, she spoke with us about living her life out loud in the spotlight while also trying to maintain her own privacy.

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“I feel like everybody be trying to figure out who I am and it’s just like, ‘Y’all don’t know me. It’s okay,’” she said at the time. “I mean, I don’t know, it’s just the fact that…I feel like I have a very pure heart and everything I do has good intentions. You know?… I have a really big heart, sometimes it’s too big. I feel like it gets taken advantage of. I don’t know. I feel like that could be something where people feel like I’m this or that. But I’m really not.”

Check out her post below.

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