Dave East Is Pure Bars On “Amazing Pt. 3”


While New York remains one of the hardest hit states for Coronavirus cases, Dave East isn’t letting these weird times deter his music releases. Last night, without so much as a preface, Dave East lead his fans to his “Link in Bio” where we were treated to “Amazing Pt. 3.” Production for the glittery yet gritty record is provided by Buda & Grandz and Burns Beats, while Dave East shares his New York vision.

“My n****s investing in rope and duck tape, don’t be surprised if they tie you up,” he menaces mafioso-style at the outset, which gives you a taste of the type of thoughts Dave East is sharing over the course of the six minute-track. Yes, for six whole minutes Dave East is delivering bar after bar about life and times in his part of New York, and what’s more there is no hook (!). Just bars. “Amazing Pt. 2” appeared on East’s 2013 mixtape Gemini, if you want to reminisce.

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Let us know what you think. East is currently prepping Karma 3: Thoughts of a Menace mixtape, his last leak off it being “Really Wit Me.”