DDG Reflects On His “Toxic” Relationship On New Track


DDG reminisces about a past relationship that went awry on his new single, “Toxic,” opening up to his fans about the cycle of toxicity that can occur when you’re blinded by love. DDG has never been afraid of baring his soul and showing his flaws, and “Toxic” is no different. The rapper uses his pen to admit to all of the different issues that were present in one of his past relationships, and it’s quite possible that he’s referring to his ex-girlfriend, Kennedy Cymone. The two of them parted ways at the end of last year, even addressing their breakup in a joint Youtube video on DDG’s channel. They explained that they’re still friends, and that the decision to break things off was mutual.

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Among the various confessions that the artist makes on “Toxic,” DDG reveals that the ex in question (likely Kennedy) had suffered a miscarriage at some point during their relationship. It’s worth noting that in the music video for his song, “Arguments,” back in 2018 that starred Kennedy, she was shown texting DDG to tell him that she’s pregnant, but ended up getting hit by a car. While DDG ponders throughout the song whether he still loves his ex, he continues to remind himself that they were toxic for each other. Check out “Toxic” and let us know what you think of the emotional track.

Quotable Lyrics

You was playin’ games the whole time like a bop it
Can’t cry over spilled milk, we gotta mop it
I’m just really datin’, prayin’ you not hatin’
I wanna see you happy, please don’t let that be mistaken