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Cousin Stizz Delights His Fans With “All Adds Up” EP

Cousin Stizz returns with “All Adds Up.”

Cousin Stizz shot up in 2015 with Suffolk County, an album that made many end-of-year lists on merit alone. Since then the Boston rapper has expanded his “wheelbase” so to speak, by venturing into the ocean bed of mainstream rap, on collaborations with Offset and G-Eazy, before relapsing on his decision. Subsequent releases such as MONDA and his new EP All Adds Up have seen him return to his basic premises. Sometimes simplicity is the best policy of governance.Some would argue Boston is the number one place to find a frustrated barkeeper pull out a stanza on an unwanted patron. Stizz isn’t remotely as angry, or slouched on a bar stool. Quite the opposite, All Adds Ups is a tale of “unfinished business,” and of sleepless nights behind the wheel of an unmarked car.The Boston crowd, known for their forthrightness in character, expect their big guy to run the circuit in a matter of months, but Stizz is keen on climbing the ladder at his desired pace.

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All Adds Up 

1. “Shop”
2. “Did It”
3. “Way Up”