Download “Chun Swae” Nicki Minaj Feat. Swae Lee


Metro Boomin want some more?

Despite the opposite being true of late, Nicki has Metro Boomin privileges others thought were unattainable. Metro’s tagline is ominously present on Queen, likely the cause of an early shopping spree by Nicki. Realistically speaking, Metro will resurface, and when he does the effect of his actions will be more pronounced than ever. That’s my hope at least.On “Chun Swae” Nicki Minaj and Swae Lee do well to stay on their respective size of the Queen mattress pad. Swae castrated singing voice gets new form, a falsetto he is slowly bringing to perfection. One day the training wheels will, I repeat will come off.

Nicki on her side of the mattress, is making the best of a bad situation. All the anger and resentment that arose from hostile fan interaction has made her a “Monster” again. The chip on her shoulder became so inflamed that a dangerous pattern of self-worship resumed its course. By song’s end after trading barbs with the elite, you get a sense that her mercurial temper is actually reserved for those she loves so vehemently, her fans included.

Quotable Lyrics:

They deliver my Lambo, all white with a tan bow
My body’s a work of art, he eatin’ this Van Gogh
I’m not in the bando, I’m Pablo Sandals
White beaches, candles, we sexin’, Anglo
Wh-wh-what you think all these n****s wanna cuff for?
A lot of Bloods, what you think they in the cut for?

-Nicki Minaj

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