Download “Creep On Me” GASHI Feat. French Montana & DJ Snake


    GASHI Calls On DJ Snake & French Montana For New Song “Creep On Me”

    Listen to GASHI’s new single “Creep On Me” featuring DJ Snake & French Montana.

    Since signing with Roc Nation last year, GASHI has seen a nice upward trajectory in his stock & career. The Brooklyn rapper was spotted hanging out with Jay Z earlier this year and has released a ton of new heat so far in 2018, including “Youtube Comments,” “Empty Inside,” & “Blame It On The Bag” to name a few, and thankfully he doesn’t look to be slowing down either. With his Stairs 2project still on the horizon, GASHI decides to come through today and share a new single called “Creep On Me” featuring French Montana and multi platinum producer DJ Snake.

    It’s unclear at the moment if this will see life on Stairs 2 or if it’s just something for the fans to hold us over, but either way we’re all for it. Take a listen to the EDM-infused slow jam and let us know what you think. Record available now on iTunes.

    Quotable Lyrics:

    Because you creep on me when you’re alone
    And you work like you can’t fall in love
    Every single night you call my phone
    Always asking if nobody’s home
    Come around like the summer time
    You bring bright light into my life
    When I wit’ you I feel alright