[Download Music] “Dip” Tyga


Tyga Continues To Worship The Booty On “Dip”

Tyga has reached the holy status of “Arsedeacon.”

If Tyga were running an online dating profile, his “interests” section would likely mirror the hook of Iggy Azalea collaboration “Kream”: cash, and ass. Anybody who follows the West Coast rapper on IG can attest for his near-obsession with the derriere, which has managed to inform the majority of his recent singles. Clearly, Tyga has found a formula for success, which arrives with the added benefit of DM’d twerk videos ad infinitum. In any case, his affinity for sheer hedonism has led to a variety of bangers, and once again, Tyga has delivered with “Dip.”The instrumental is a study in juxtaposition, pairing a classical string progression with minimalist, filthy 808s. Tyga takes to the beat with a player’s confidence, watching all twerking candidates with notebook firmly in hand. Only like a twisted variant of Jonah Hill’s Superbad character, Tyga’s is notebook is filled with ass-drawings. Peep “Dip” now, and bask in Tyga’s comeback with yet another new single “Swap Meet.”

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Quotable Lyrics

Sip got me buzzin, I am not a husband
I can be a daddy cause I am a motherfucka
Fuck n***as muggin, these n****as sweet muffin
Put my seed on her face, she get smashed like a pumpkin