[Download Music] “Sin” Young Thug Feat. Jaden Smith


Young Thug links up Jaden Smith for “Sin” off the new EP.

Jaden Smith recently spoke of Young Thug as the matchstick to the upcoming phase of his career. Jaden recently played a prominent role on Thugger’s new EP, an experience he hopes will lead to improvement “of the faculties of the mind.”Thugger is to him what Tyler, the Creator has come to embody as a fashion mentor. Will’s son believes the influence of stately figures will help him become one himself, which explains why he seems to be in the right place all the time.On “Sin,” Young Thug incites the youngster to mix and match his unique vocal style and make it something his own, a lifeline he proposes out of goodwill. The result is positive on account of Thugger maintaining his relative pedigree, and a positive step for Jaden, who earns himself valuable tommy points on his ascension to the top of the heap. It must be nice to have friends in high places.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Money’s the reason I’m sinning
Money’s the reason I gotta take Ritalin
You n****s don’t care ’bout women
Just shut the fuck up, yeah I’m taking care plenty
I put Chanel on a belt buckle, of when my price is half off
I keep a stick for my cover, got way more girls than Hugh Hefner

-Young Thug