[DOWNLOAD MUSIC] We Dem YoungBoy Never Broke Again


Youngboy Never Broke Again closes his new EP on a high note.


Sometimes, a young boy must buckle down and rap his ass off like a grown man. Such is the case on “We Dem,” the closing track off his surprise EP 4Freedom. Taking to an intimidating piano banger, Youngboy decides to put down the emotional baggage in favour of truly baring his teeth. It’s a welcome change, though NBA’s more heartfelt, vulnerable cuts tend to prove enjoyable. Still, it’s always nice to hear him going in, and such is indeed the case on “We Dem.” The melodic chops are not entirely brushed off, as Youngboy’s flow tends to retain a singsong quality.In fact, he seems to channel his rhyming partner Kevin Gates on this one, with an aggressive sense of gravitas driving his voice. In the song’s second verse, he switches up the delivery, coming as close to double time as we’ve heard thus far. If you feel like Youngboy can’t rap at a top tier level, perhaps this one will change your mind. Peep the project in full now.

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Quotable Lyrics

I done had some people sit around me talkin’ bout the ones they with
You ain’t got no morals, I know how you think but you ain’t shit
Be able to see through a kiss and a hug
Prepare and protect your heart from the fake love
Stay bout your money don’t go to no club
Respond with an answer don’t ever just shrug