Drake’s NYC Stage Setup Is Literally A Giant Scorpion


    Drake performs NYC concert with a giant scorpion nipping at feet

    Drake takes the cake for stage presentation in 2018. This 80-foot (speculatively) scorpion apparatus he and his team constructed may soon become a fixture for the remainder of his Aubrey and The Three Amigos tour. Attendees who witnessed Cardi B do a number on stage the other night probably thought they’d reached the zenith of the tour. Drake, not one to be trifled with, saw to it that his production team do one better. By jove, building giant structures isn’t quite as tedious as in yesteryear. The construction technique of the early pyramid builders would be completely forgotten if it weren’t for a couple of textbooks kept out of arm’s reach.

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    Drake fans in Denver were expecting him to visit the Pepsi Center, but saw their tour date postponed. In its place, Drake produced restructured his schedule to include a total of seven New York City gigs in the span of seven nights, the last two at the Barclays Center today and tomorrow. Concert reviewers have reported that Drake has been his usual self during the New York-leg of the trip, telling jokes between songs like a true showman. A writer for Vulture described Drake’s stage setup (before the emergence of the scorpion) as a “light box and a gargantuan projector on which images of mermaids circling around Drake like sharks are shown.”