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Draya Michele Doesn’t Want A Man Who Won’t Have Sex Before Marriage


Draya Michele hopped on Instagram Live and chatted about how she won’t ever date a man who decides to wait until marriage before getting down in the bedroom.

This COVID-19 quarantine has left everyone with a little more time on their hands as they’re stuck at home, including the rich and famous. Celebrities have been utilizing social media to connect with fans now that they aren’t allowed to be as “booked and busy,” and in a recent Instagram Live, Draya Michele dropped off a bit of sex advice for a fan.

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Terrence J linked with the former Basketball Wives star and the pair decided to take a few questions from their viewing audience. During the discussion, they chatted with a woman who admitted that she was abstinent. “I’m actually at the point where I feel I should just wait until marriage because like, this is just ridiculous. I feel like the older we get, the more serious my intentions need to be,” the woman said.

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Draya let out an exasperated sigh and said she didn’t want to be “negative,” but asked the woman if she “really [thinks] in this day and age that you’re gonna find a guy that’s gon’ wait?” The woman said yes. “A guy that you’re gonna like?” Draya added. “Are you even gonna like the kind of guy who waits? ‘Cause me, personally, that might be Prince Charming but I don’t like him. I don’t like the kind of guy who waits. He’s not my husband. No.”

“I just think that we need to be physically attracted to each other and he needs to showcase that before we talk any of that marriage sh*t,” Draya continued. “That’s crazy. I have respect for people that do it... That ain’t goin’ down over here.” Check out the clip of Draya Michele weighing in on the topic of premarital sex and let us know if you agree with her stance.