Eminem’s Manager Paul Rosenberg Says He Wasn’t Dissing Drake On “Kamikaze”


    “He isn’t dissing Drake. Dead that.”

    I wouldn’t clown anyone for not picking on subtle nuances of language deployed on “Kamikaze.” The moments were Eminem intends to leave his mark, he leaves very little room for doubt. For example, Eminem meant no disrespect to Fetty Wap when he used his prosthetic eye as a metaphorical device. In other instances on the album, his use negative tones gave off the impression of “personal” hostility, when he was simply using people’s names as a batteram.

    On the contrary, there were a few incidents of real hostility on the record, all of which have real life implications: MGK tweeting at his underage daughter, Joe Budden criticizing his album, Charlamagne baiting him with race, and Lord Jamar doing the same (race card). Paul Rosenberg, eminem’s longtime manager, doesn’t think Eminem was singling out Drake in his “Kamikaze.” Paul Tweeted his feelings on the matter in less than ten words flat: “He isn’t dissing Drake. Dead that.”

    Paul Rosenberg


    He isn’t dissing Drake. Dead that.

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    In my opinion, the inference of Drake’s Views album is too blinding to look past:

    “You got some views, but you’re still below me
    Mine are higher, so when you compare our views, you get overlooked.”

    For that reason, I’m inclined to disagree with Rosenberg, even if he’s much closer to Em than anyone in the media scrum. Eminem understands the spirit of competition from a generational perspective. So even if “Kamikaze” is about Drizzy, it wouldn’t register as a diss in the classic sense of the word.

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