Eric Bellinger & Hitmaka Connect On “Only You”

Eric Bellinger & Hitmaka Connect On

Eric Bellinger has been on an incredible month in recent times. He kept incredibly busy in 2020, unleashing new music for a weekly series while also dropping six projects in total. Seriously, there weren’t many people who were flooding the streets the way Eric Bellinger was. And the beautiful thing is that it never stops.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Eric Bellinger is seemingly already plotting out some of the music you might need on your playlist to get the vibe right on Feb. 14th. Bellinger teamed up with Hitmaka for his new single, “Only You” that he dropped off over the weekend. Angelic melodies and infectious production is bound to make you feel this one.

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Check out Eric Bellinger’s new single with Hitmaka below.

Quotable Lyrics
But I need all of your attention now
Make you my boss chick, yeah 
Add it up, we on Forbes list, yeah
They proceedin’ with caution

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]