FatBoy SSE Unpacks His Diet & Acts A Fool On “Snack Review”


FatBoy SSE acts a fool in the latest episode of “Snack Review,” recalling the time he ate ants and detailing his healthy diet.

FatBoy SSE blew up in recent years because of his hilarious videos on social media, also tapping into the music industry with single and project releases. He has dropped songs with Lil Yachty, Phresher, and more, continuing to level up. Before this global pandemic shook up the state of the world as we knew it, we invited the star into our headquarters for a new episode of Snack Review, speaking to FatBoy about everything food-related.

Remember when we could go outside? So do I… those were good times. Something as simple as going to the bodega to stock up on useless snacks seems like it was a reality just a week ago (cue the Bobby Shmurda meme) and now, we’re all on lockdown in our own homes. If you’ve been missing your daily routine of running to the bodega to pick up a chopped cheese at lunchtime, this episode of Snack Review is for you.

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FatBoy SSE has been taking care of his health in recent months, enjoying a pescatarian diet and paying more attention to what he puts in his body. When we asked about his current diet, the social media star told us that he’s focused on getting his health right. “No bread, no rice, no pasta,” said FatBoy, munching down on a Nutri-Grain granola bar. His favorites include eggs, feta cheese, salad, and more right now. When he’s allowed to have a cheat day though, you better believe he’s reaching for the pizza. This time around though, he copped some fresh slices to give to a homeless person outside of the pizzeria.

Watch the full episode of Snack Review above, where FatBoy SSE details his experience eating ants… for real.