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Freddie Gibbs Performs “Bandana” Deep Cuts For Ctrl Sessions


Freddie Gibbs took to Vevo’s Ctrl studios to perform “Soul Right” and “Cataracts”, deep cuts off of his and Madlib’s acclaimed album, “Bandana”.

Freddie Gibbs is the latest artist to bless his fans with a Vevo’s Ctrl performance. Gibbs took to the stage to perform “Soul Right” and “Cataracts” off his latest collaboration album with Madlib, Bandana. 

The Vevo’s Ctrl series has become very popular over the last year, with every artist bodying live renditions of their favourite songs. The performances are similar in intimacy and vibe, but are still different. The backdrop to these performances has been consistent: the corner of a warehouse, with a stage and incredible mood lighting. The atmosphere is perfect for artists to get comfortable and is perfect for fans to vibe out to at home. 

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Freddie Gibbs received high acclaim for his work with Madlib on Bandana, with several hip-hop fans believing that it was the album of 2019. Almost a year later, the album is still making noise and will likely receive a second push after Gibbs’ performance of its deeper cuts. Although Gibbs is known for being one of the game’s best lyricists, he is still a very underrated performer. We’re expecting that to change, however, after people see the show he was able to put on at Vevo. 

What did you guys think of the performance?