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Fredo Bang Has “24-7 War” Mindset Following Two-Year Jail Stint


Fredo Bang shares his “uncomfortable” experiences in spaces with large groups of people since serving two-and-a-half years in jail.

In May 2018, Fredo Bang walked out of jail a free man. The 23-year-old rapper had just served over two years in jail after he was arrested in 2016 in connection to a shooting that took place in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Ultimately, Fredo Bang took a plea deal after being charged with attempted second-degree murder with a sentence that reportedly could have seen the rapper in prison for upwards of 40 years.

It’s been nearly two years since Fredo Bang walked out of jail, but the effects are long-lasting. In an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper talked about what it’s been like adjusting, especially in crowds. “‘Cause I don’t know what your intentions are,” Fredo Bang said. “For the last two-and-a-half years, the only crowds I’ve known to be around it 200 man domes [where] each person up there got all type of ties, knives. You really gotta look, like watch everything the whole time. So it’s like, how can I enjoy being in a club with a bunch of people? I don’t know what they got on them. It just brings you back into the mindstate.”

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The rapper added that he’s been doing his best to go out and be social, but he’s still struggling. “But it’s like, if I ain’t making money, there’s no point,” Fredo added. “I try to take as many pictures and stuff as I can [with fans]. They be telling me not to do it, but I try. It’s uncomfortable… Sometimes if you ever notice, if you give me too much of a weird vibe, Imma have my foot already set on you. Just to punch.”

“I basically just came out like, war. Twenty-four-seven war. Sleep with an eye open.” Check out Fredo Bang on Vlad TV below.