Fleetman – Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba

Fleetman Thomas Ngorngor



Full name Terhemba Thomas Ngorngor
Stage name Fleetman
Date of Birth 17-07-1993
Nationality Nigerian
Home town Gboko
Parents Mr Ngorngor Ikpaahindi, Mrs Msughter Miriam Ngorngor
Siblings Dooshima (late), Aondoawase Gabriel, Terzungwe
Educational qualification B.A Theatre Arts

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Fleetman Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba
Video: Vmusic Ft. Emmytee x SMK & Fleetman - "Ghetto Life"
Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba
Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba



1. Fleetman is the CEO of Veremba World Entertainment Limited

2. He is a war Survival

3. He is an entertainer, farmer, entrepreneur and a freedom fighter

4. He is the creator of Fleet Journal (FJ) republic

Terhemba Thomas Ngorngor also known as Fleetman is a Nigerian entertainer, farmer, entrepreneur and a freedom fighter. He was born on the 17th f July 1993 at Mnguaorga clinic Madaini in Gassol Local Government area of Taraba state, in the family of Ngorngor Ikpaahindi, a native of Gaav in Konshisha local government area of Benue State. He grew up with his mother Mrs Msughter Miriam, the first daughter of Asemave Gbagyo. When he was 4 years old, he was sent to live with his aunt Mrs Terfa Yar in Dan Anacha. He survived the Tiv-Jukum-Fulani war in 2001. He spent most of his teenager years in Gbamkpo city, Sankera, Zaki Biam and Dan Anacha (Benue-Taraba).

During this period, he attended Government day primary school Dan-Anacha, Hannank Nursery and Primary School Sankera, Trinity Secondary School Zaki Biam and Lante Kukwa comprehensive secondary school Jato-Aka. He spent his school breaks farming with his mother, elder sister Dooshima (late), his two elder brothers Gabriel Aondoawase and Terzungwe. His Mother was the biggest female farmer in Uyam, Ukum local government area of Benue State.

He started hawking kerosine and firewood during his secondary school days but his mother felt uncomfortable because he was too small and needed to focus more on his education whereas he was the best student in almost all the subjects.

From 2010 to 2014, he had more time to focus on farming and business. During this period, he usually travel to Kano to buy cell phones, cloths, furnitures and kitchen utensils and sell to the villagers.

In 2013, he got admission to study Theatre Arts at Benue State University Makurdi, where he graduated in 2018 with a second class upper degree. He started establishing in the entertainment business during his university days. He wrote and directed a movie titled Ibumegh Ta Bônkô ( foolishness of the highest esteem). The movie was produced with his friends in 2016 and premiered on the 16th of december 2017 at Twin Lecture Theatre (TLT) 2nd campus, Benue state University Makurdi. His entire life changed when he met Susie Martinez on the 6th of May 2014 through Facebook.

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On the 10th of July, 2017 his company “Veremba World Entertainment Limited” was incorporated under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 199O by CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. The company is specialized in Entertainment and Agriculture. He debuted  his first single titled Be The One ft his friend Attraction, produced by Cirus  to mark his birthday on the 17th of July 2017.  His collaboration with Emmytee and SMK produced Ghetto Life single few months later. He collaborated with Emmytee, EMS and SMK in January 2018  to react against BENUE MASSACRE in a song titled SEKPE. Sekpe video was his debut video directing. On the 27th of May 2018, he was honored with an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at the first edition of MIDDLE BELT HEROES AWARD 2018.  He released Dookwase on the 15th of June 2018. On his 25th birthday (July 2018), he celebrated appealing to the gods of Nigeria and the Nigerian Entertainment Industry to Untie his blow in a single titled Untie My Blow. The song made way for him to penetrate the industry with ease.

Fleetman organized a live band concert and award night to celebrate Nigeria’s independence on the 1st of October 2018 At Royal Choice Inn Makurdi. SAVING GHETTO LIVES CONCERT Was a peace advocacy campaign while GHETTO LIFE AWARD was a reward for serving humanity and ensuring peace and unity among the society. His Joint Album” GHETTO LIFE ALBUM by Veremba Music (Vmusic) featuring ATTRACTION, EMMYTEE, SMK and FLEETMAN was released on the 1st of November 2019. The 12 tracks album was produced by famous producers such as CIRUS PRODUCTIONS, DANNIBIZZO, CHARLES CREATION STUDIO, DOUBLE G and TEEKAY PRODUCTIONS.

The album was recommended by Professor CHARITY ANGYA Professor IYORWUESE HAGHER and many other professional Theatre artists, dramatists, humanitarians as well as music lovers all over the world. Fleetman released his fifth single titled HOODIE YA featuring Attraction, produced by Dannibizzo  and mixed by Bryant on the 14th of December 2018.

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GHETTO LIFE VIDEO by Vmusic featuring FLEETMAN, EMMYTEE and SMK premiered on the 13th of February 2019.  The video was shot/edited by D-Touch and directed by FLEETMAN. Shortly after the release of Ghetto Life Video, Fleetman collaborated with attraction to present a soul touching love single titled SYMBOL OF LOVE. The song was released on the 6th of May 2019.


Fleetman - "Be The One" Download Mp3

Be The One ft. Attraction

Be The one by Fleetman ft. Attraction is a love and freedom RnB\Hiphop single.  The song was produced by Cirus. Be The one is Fleetman’s debut single.

Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba

SEKPE  ft Emmytee x EMS x SMK (audio/video)

Sekpe by Fleetman featuring Emmytee, EMS and SMK is a Gyration song to awaken the consciousness of the general masses to wake up to the realities of their surroundings. The song was produced by Cirus. The video was Fleetman’s debut in music video directing.

Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba


Dookwase by Fleetman produced by Cirus. The song is a harmony of cultural and modern music, a contemporary Tiv music.

Fleetman -Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba


Untie My Blow by Fleetman  is a hiphop/rap single produced by Cirus. The song is an appeal to the gods of Nigeria and the Nigerian Entertainment Industry to make way for him in the Industry.

Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba


Ghetto Life Album is a joint album by Vmusic featuring Attraction, Emmytee, SMK and Fleetman. The album is a summary of human activities and the effect of those activities on the human society.

Fleetman - Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba

HOODIE YA  ft. Attraction

Hoodie Ya by Fleetman featuring Attraction is a discription of how humanity survives in the Hood. The song was produced by Dannibizzo, mixed and mastered by Bryant. Hoodie Ya is a track off Ghetto Life Album.

Video: Vmusic Ft. Emmytee x SMK & Fleetman - "Ghetto Life"


Ghetto Life Video by Veremba Music (Vmusic)  featuring Emmytee, SMK and Fleetman is a music video that captures human existence. The video was shot/edited by D-Touch and directed by Fleetman

SYMBOL OF LOVE ft. Attraction

Symbol Of Love by Fleetman featuring Attraction is a soul winning love song. The RnB single was produced by Cirus.

Fleetman Ngorngor Thomas Terhemba



Fleetman -Ngorngor Thomas

Cheating is a HABIT

Cheaters are the most creative and hard working people. This is because, cheating is the most difficult game to play. Cheaters live on lies to survive. They live on excuses such as occupation, distance, weather, time etc. They are very calculative and can take any available chance just to cheat.

Some people cheat not because the people they are cheating with are better than their partners. When you ask why people cheat, some will say its because of addiction, others will say its because of lack of attention, some motivation, some sexual urge, some because of finance and some certain challenges.

The truth of the matter is that, people cheat for no reasonable reason. Some people cheat just because of different taste, size, height, tribe, race and other humanly features.

A good number of men are moved by what they see. The moment they see a lady, they start calculating many things which will lead to a tryout. A good number of women are moved by what they hear and touches. Its difficult for them to be interested at first, but they become more interested later on.

You can’t really tell who cheats more in a relationship between a man and a woman. Everybody is born with a cheating tendency, it all depends on your choice.




I traveled to Tsav Ka Can community, only to discover than my enemies has already been defeated. I visited the mountains to commune with nature. The environment is very peaceful and kind

On top of the mountain, I found a thatched house with no door. Well, I found my way in. A very dark room with a brighter roof, all made from nature. This design is from the TIV PEOPLE of Middle-belt, Nigeria. It is a combination of Agea/Agenga, choo (Andaa/kya), hila, kyon, Msongom, kor and other natural surroundings and most especially creative and manipulative skills…

I saw CAPTAIN YESE BUA hanging.  His neck is tied with CHOO, on a KOV. I don’t know if Captain was hanged or he committed suicide. If he did, well… I confirmed his death. I could not leave his venom behind so I took it with me. I am going to bury it in a harmless spot.



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