Future Returns With “Tycoon” Video


Future has been standing tall on the charts through his “Life Is Good” collaboration with Drake for much of this year, but he’s ready to get things kicked off in solo fashion. Even though last night’s releases were pretty packed, Future knows that people will pay attention whenever he decides to drop. Thus, he came through with a nice little breakfast surprise for us, releasing the new song and video for “Tycoon” today.

Atlanta staple Super Future has officially returned with his latest single, releasing it in the wee hours of the morning on Friday (March 27). The established rapper knows that he is one of the top dogs in the game, perhaps even reaching tycoon level. That’s why he’s so comfortable flaunting his position in the game, telling us all about his comfortable spot at the top on “Tycoon.” Still, Big Fewtch offers inspiration to those still struggling to make it, advising that when you’re out of the sticks, things will appear to be much simpler.

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Listen to the new song by Future below and let us know if you’re vibing to it!

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m a ty-tycoon, that’s why they hate me
‘Till they throw the sheets on me I’m goin’ crazy
Got Balencis on my feet, they can’t take me
I know I ain’t gon’ be deceased ’til I’m like eighty
I been gettin’ so damn geeked, I been prayin’
I been chinchilla sheet wherever I’m stayin’
Took that Draco on the PJ, I ain’t playin’
I ain’t goin’, no, no, streets dangerous