Ghetto life Episode1 By Fleetman


I traveled to Tsav Ka Can community, only to discover than my enemies has already been defeated.
I visited the mountains to commune with nature. The environment is very peaceful and kind
On top of the mountain, I found a thatched house with no door. Well, I found my way in. A very dark room with a brighter roof, all made from nature. This design is from the TIV PEOPLE of Middle-belt, Nigeria. It is a combination of Agea/Agenga, choo (Andaa/kya), hila, kyon, Msongom, kor and other natural surroundings and most especially creative and manipulative skills…
I saw CAPTAIN YESE hanging. His neck is tied with CHOO, on a KOV. I don’t know if Captain was hanged or he committed suicide. If he does, well… I confirmed his death.
I could not leave his venom behind so I took it with me. I am going to bury it in a harmless spot.
This is not a dream or a story. I have more details coming soon
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