Gnar Reveals Best & Worst Meals Ever On “Snack Review”


Gnar visits the local bodega to load up on snacks before giving us a rundown of his pallette.

These are some trying times but, alas, we’ve got something to celebrate: the return of Snack Review! The highly-popular series has been on hiatus for a few months but, finally, it’s back with none other than Gnar. The Atlanta rapper-skateboarder was in the area and we decided to learn more about him by taking him to the nearby bodega to pick out some of his favourite snacks.

Leaving the corner store with a Perrier (cause he’s fancy like that), pineapple aloe vera, two sandwiches, and some purple Doritos, Gnar returned to the office with his stomach ready and the appetite of a lion. The rapper explained his purchases before complaining that the bodega we took him to was a little too bougie, noting that they were missing some hood essentials.

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“They were missing loosies, quarter water, cheap chips, cheap backwoods, just the hood shit. Those are essentials you need to grab,” he said.

Gnar Snack Review

Gnar went on to name some of the best and worst foods he’s ever tasted, explaining that one of his least-preferred meals actually came the night prior. 

“I actually ordered some sushi last night from this Japanese place out here that was fucking terrible,” he said. “I had three rolls. Two of them was good and one smelled like dog shit. You can ask my tour manager.”

In reality, Gnar travelled back to his Paris-based memories, noting that he went to a steakhouse and was served an extra-rare piece of meat, grossing him out all the way.

Watch the new episode of Snack Review above and stay tuned for more.