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“[He] Literally Farts On The Mic”


Chika points out the misogynistic standards within the rap industry by referencing Blueface’s technical skill.

Chika, the lyrical monstress who was also deemed a 2020 XXL Freshman last summer, never shies away from speaking her mind. Even throughout her success, the Warner Records artist has articulately come for Waka Flocka’s police brutality comments and publicly denounced former President Donald Trump. 

This weekend, Chika has found herself participating in a Twitter debate about the disparate standards that women in rap are held to in comparison to their male counterparts. After being prompted by a user who wrote, “Women aren’t allowed to be mediocre… not in rap… have to be a frickin monster just to even get a chance,” the Alabama artist unleashed several takes on the misogyny within the music industry. One of those takes, however, slammed none other than Blueface.

The 2019 XXL Freshman’s penchant for rapping offbeat was highlighted in Chika’s argument, as she explained how male rappers get away with things that female rappers can’t. After her shot at Blueface started making waves, Twitter users were quick to reply with their own counterarguments, but Chika doubled down on her position while replying to detractors of female rap.

Chika’s latest Twitter storm comes months after being publicly criticized for her Calvin Klein campaign and subsequently taking a break from social media, so it’s great to see that the Industry Games artist is in a more positive space. Where do you stand in the debate about differing standards for women and men in Hip-Hop?


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