I am not gay — 20 year old HIV suspect arrested by Police at Lagos hotel


    The police in Lagos police said they arrested 57 men for alleged homosexual activity at Kelly Ann Hotel/ Event Centre in Egbeda, Lagos, on Sunday morning.

    The police said on arrival, young men numbering about 80 were met in a hall taking different types of drinks including banned substance like Tramadol, Shisha laced with substances suspected to be Marijuana. When the men sighted the police, they took to their heels but the police arrested 57 of them.

    One of the arrested suspects, a 20-year-old man identified as James Brown told journalists they were attending a birthday party and that he is not a homosexual.

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    The young man who said he is a dancer – told journalists during the parade in Lagos, that he disclosed to the police that he is HIV positive and yet they arrested him and labelled him gay even though he was at the night club to perform.

    When asked how he contacted HIV, he said that he got from birth (through his mother).

    The young man said; “I went there to work and get paid. The party was on Saturday and it is (was) meant to be overnight. I was arrested and have been denied to even take my drugs which is for medical reasons.”

    James Brown also said that they were about 25 girls at the birthday venue but the police left them to arrest the guys and labelled them gays. He said he regrets the day he was born in this country.