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“I Wish Him The Best”


He believes that certain fans on social media thrive on seeing rappers at odds with one another.

When Hip Hop and Rap beefs are executed on wax, fans receive hard bars on controversial tracks that go down in music history. However, some fanbases thrive on pitting artists against each other for amusement and often, we, unfortunately, see violence or even death as a result. It’s unclear just how long there was rumored animosity between Baton Rouge rappers Fredo Bang and NBA YoungBoy, but we’ve watched it play out on social media. There have been insults thrown and allegations made, but Fredo insists that he doesn’t have issues with the Top rapper.

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During his interview with Supa Cindy and Jill Strada for 99Jamz in Miami, Fredo Bang was asked if he and NBA YoungBoy were at odds. “I ain’t got no beef with him,” said the rapper. “It be social media—I feel like fans, they find it more entertaining for people to be into it than people to just be cool. I feel like a lot of that come from that.”

“I wish him the best,” he continued. “Especially coming from where I come from, like, somebody else come from where I come from make it. All that [does] is give me hope like I can do it, too. So, I appreciate him for gettin’ on and lettin’ me know I can do it, too.” Fredo isn’t the only rapper to speak out against the power of social media and fans using it create tension between artists. Listen to his clip below.

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