“ICY GRL Bae Mix” Saweetie Feat. Kehlani


Kehlani Hops On Saweetie’s “ICY GRL Bae Mix”

The classic “My Neck My Back” refix gets another retouch.

Saweetie is one of those folks with her eyes set on the bigger picture. A steady riser, she has a leg up in the early going. Her viral smash “ICY GRL” has risen to the 34 million mark on Youtube alone. Although the bulk of her interest comes from the Internet, her roots in the Bay have allowed her to make solid alliances, like in the case of Kehlani.

Back in the rapper role for the first time since outdoing G-Eazy, Lil B on “Champion,” Kehlani spits a rare introductory verse on the Bae Mix. Saweetie’s record is the perfect occasion for “unintentional flexing.” The Bay is an epicentre, even when the giants go to sleep. Much of the Bay’s inflection of style has seeped into the rest of the culture. With respect to her predecessors, Kehlani calls for the “key to the city.” Whichever the case may be, both Saweetie and Kehlani are locked in as leading voices.

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Enjoy the refix.

Quotable Lyrics:

Can’t stop, ain’t stop, too hot

Came out like the daughter of Aaliyah and 2Pac

And I pop from the jump, ain’t nobody too shocked

And I’m out collectin’ Rollies, you save up for G-Shocks

Got a bag from the label, I invested and I flipped that

I should write a book on how I mothafuckin’ did that

Everything I put in, I get right back

Got long money, I ain’t in it for a quick stack