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Jay Electronica Once Praised Joe Budden’s Skills As An MC


Social media does some digging of old footage after Jay Electronica and Joe Budden butted heads on Twitter over Jay-Z’s contributions to “A Written Testimony.”

Jay Electronica‘s debut album A Written Testament finally arrived after over a decade of waiting last Friday. It was generally met with pretty good praise from most people, although his inclusion of Louis Farrakhan and bars about the “Synagogue of Satan” rubbed a few people the wrong way. Nonetheless, the project, which was essentially a joint effort with Jay-Z, was praised by those who waited over a decade for the album but it wasn’t immune to criticism from those same individuals.

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Joe Budden shared his thoughts on Jay’s new project and claimed that Jay-Z washed Jay Electronica. That evolved into a little back-and-forth between the two rappers with Jay Elec saying he’s never heard a Joe Budden album before and then wishing the Joe Budden Podcast host a successful career as a journalist. However, it seems like Jay might not have been speaking the truth entirely. 

A video surfaced of Jay Electronica and Joe Budden posted up backstage at a concert with the former singing praises of the latter. “I always knew who Joe Budden was, but the first time I ever met him was with Santos. He had good energy but I fucks with him as an MC because he’s not on no pretend shit,” Jay Elec told Angela Yee. “He a real n***a and he don’t give a f*ck so I like that.

Peep the clip below.