Jim Jones & Harry Fraud Put In Work On “Laps Around The Sun”

Jim Jones & Harry Fraud Put In Work On

Harry Fraud is the epitome of an emcee’s favorite producer, his style clearly favored by lyricists familiar with the streets. There’s a reason why he remains a trusted collaborator of both Benny The Butcher (with whom he’s lacing the entirety of The Plugs I Met 2) and Dipset veteran Jim Jones. On that note, he and Jones have officially united for another new single, this one following up their previous collaboration of “Lose Lose,” which you can check out here. Now, they’re back with “Laps Around The Sun,” a brief banger that immediately conjures mafioso vibes through a nostalgic loop. 

“I’m grateful, never sold no crack around my son,” admits Jones, spitting over the vintage woodwind sample. “Just to think I could have got caught doing those trafficking runs.” Though Fraud opts to keep the beat restrained and largely percussion-free, Jones’ honest reflections keep the journey compelling; there’s a frank confessional nature throughout that should please fans of the New York veteran. In fact, based on what we’ve heard from Fraud and Jim Jones so far, it would appear that a solid sense of chemistry is in the midst of developing — check it out for yourself right here.

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We land and take off on a private airspace
My Muslim brotha bought a mansion, plus a private prayer space
These n***as get locked from home, then they get scared straight
I can surely tell you that a river’s what tears make

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]