Joey Trap Is Back Yet Again With His Latest Venture, “Champ”


Joey Trap is not letting us rest in 2020, and we’re far from complaining. The rapper just dropped his third—yes, third—body of work this year alone, following in the footsteps of two prior full length projects. In January, the man went full cowboy on Wild Westand in February, he got vaguely threatening on STFU. Now that March is almost over, it appears that Joey may be aiming to drop a project every month this year. March has officially brought us JT’s latest effort, Champ, an 11-track album majorly departing from the chaotic and aggressive energy of STFU. While this year’s past two projects boasted features from artists like Mikey100K and Joey’s frequent collaborator, Tokyo’s Revenge, Champ noticeably bears no appearances from any other voices. Joey stands alone on each track, and he most definitely pulls it off.

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Joey brings brighter vibes to Champ, his lyrics varying from discussing the adversity he’s faced in his own life to the positive aspects of his current experiences. Check out Champ streaming on all platforms now and let us know when you think this hardworking artist will drop his fourth project of the year.

Champ Tracklist

1. I’m Good
2. I Do
3. House
4. Hot Boy
5. Champ Freestyle
6. Cheap Talk
7. Project Kid
8. Blasphemy
9. Right Now
10. Breaking Pencils
11. Tribute