Joyner Lucas Feels Just Like Will Smith On New “A.D.H.D” Track


Living like the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Joyner Lucas prepares for the release of his forthcoming project A.D.H.D. with his new single, “Will.” Joyner Lucas parallels his own life to Will Smith’s characters in various movies such as Men In Black, Wild Wild West and of course, Fresh Prince. Hell, Joyner Lucas even takes a deep dive into Will Smith’s character in Shark Tales. Over a woozy flute and crisp drums, the rapper flexes his lyrical prowess with quick wit and slick wordplay throughout the track. 

Lucas latest track serves as his final offering before the release of A.D.H.D. this Friday. The highly-anticipated album has been in the works for some time with collaborations with Young Thug, Chris Brown, Fabolous, and more appearing over the course of the project. Check out the new single from Joyner Lucas below.

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Quotable Lyrics
I know ain’t nothin’ gon’ set us back
He take it from me, I get it back
Me and my homies forever strapped
We roll up on ’em like Men In Black
I blow your chest through your head and back
I think I dun made a mess
I’m in Cali with a vest
That’s the Wild Wild West