Home General Juice WRLD Signed Up For Rehab Prior To His Death: Report

Juice WRLD Signed Up For Rehab Prior To His Death: Report

Juice WRLD Signed Up For Rehab Prior To His Death: Report

Chicago rapper-turned-music mogul Lil Bibby reveals that Juice WRLD had committed to going to rehab in an interview with DJ Vlad.

On December 8, 2019, Hip-Hop lost one of its most talented and promising rappers when news broke of Juice WRLD’s passing. After initial reports claimed that the 21-year-old star had perished following a seizure, Juice WRLD’s autopsy revealed that he had suffered an accidental overdose. A short time later, the Chicago artist still has posthumous music steadily being released, but his presence is still sorely missed.

In a new sitdown with DJ Vlad, Lil Bibby divulged new insights on Juice WRLD’s drug addiction. Although other artists around them were popping Percocets at the time, Bibby was shocked to find out just how many pills his signee was taking.

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“I found out that he was doing four. So I get to freaking out. Like ‘What the fuck.’ I get to telling people like ‘Look we got to send this kid to rehab, I’m telling everyone because I’m thinking ‘That’s a lot.’ Because all people I know only do at the max one. And these is the 30s,” Bibby said, noticeably emotional about the past situation.

After notifying his label, management, and close friends, Bibby soon found out that Juice WRLD had allegedly upped his dosage to more than four Percocets at a time, which was approximately a week before his untimely death. In an intervention with the late Chicago rapper, Bibby tuned in over the phone. Reminiscing on the meeting, Bibby said, “He said: ‘Alright, I’ll go. I’ll go. But I’m not stopping.’ Like, ‘I’ll lower my dosage, but I like doing it too much.'”

This recent disclosure from Lil Bibby is heartbreaking, and it will likely only leave fans wondering if Juice WRLD would be around if his team’s efforts were successful.

Rest in peace, Juice WRLD.


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