Keke Palmer Sings About Cheating & Late Night Creeping On “FYG”


Weeks ago she shared her singles “Virgo Tendencies” and “Got Em Mad” with TK Kravitz, and now Keke Palmer returns with another tune as she drops off “FYG.” The talk show host sang of a twisted romance in “Virgo Tendencies” and spiced things up with a burlesque show in the visual to “Got Em Mad.” On “FYG,” Keke shares a story of someone very much in a relationship but she doesn’t care because her response to the news is “F Your Girlfriend.”

Whether or not Keke Palmer is really out here snatching up other women’s partners is up for debate, but the track makes for a bit of controversy nonetheless. The song is slated to make an appearance on the actress’s forthcoming project titled The Boss. A release date for the album has yet to be shared, but while we’re under quarantine, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that it may be delayed for the time being. Yet, Keke could surprise us. Check out Keke Palmer belting out her latest single “FYG” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Guess she’s expecting you home tonight
Overflowing feelings, I can’t keep them inside
If you really love me, you wasting her time
If you ain’t just talking, you tell her goodbye
Then you come over tonight (tonight)
I need you to touch me on the inside

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