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Kenny Smith Comments On Meek Mill’s Kobe Bryant Lyric

Kenny Smith Comments On Meek Mill's Kobe Bryant Lyric

Kenny Smith doesn’t think Meek should be vilified for his lyrics.

Meek Mill came under fire this past week after a snippet leaked in which he offered up a bizarre bar about Kobe Bryant. “And if I ever lack I’m going out with my chopper, it be another Kobe,” was a line that was immediately roasted on social media as fans felt like it was extremely objectionable and in poor taste considering Kobe passed away in a helicopter accident.

Since that time, Meek has defended him numerous times although has yet to really offer an apology. Recently, TMZ Sports caught up with NBA analyst Kenny Smith, where they asked him about Meek’s line. As Smith explains, he believes Meek had good intentions, and that he doesn’t think the backlash was necessary.

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“I’m a Meek Mill fan,” Smith says. “I know that he’s a huge basketball fan, huge Kobe fan. Whatever he says, I’m always going to give Meek a pass. “I always give Meek the benefit of the doubt. He has a track record that speaks pretty long and pretty positive in the past year.”

Smith’s opinion is one shared by many Meek fans, especially considering various other artists have delivered equally offensive lyrics in the past. Regardless, Meek seems to understand the magnitude of his words, as he recently posted a Kobe and Gianna tribute to his Instagram page.

The next time Meek is in the booth, we’re sure he will have learned his lesson.

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