Kim Kardashian Dragged By Tyson Beckford: “Doctor F*cked Up On Her Right Hip”


    Tyson Beckford thinks Kim Kardashian’s surgery was botched.

    Ever since she became famous, Kim Kardashian and her family have always been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. If you ask them, they’ll vehemently deny that they’ve ever had work on their curvy figures, especially on their butts. While many assume that Kim & Co. have all had either injections or implants in their hips, Kardashian West has gone to lengths to prove people wrong. On her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality star even got an x-ray done to show she wasn’t lying. Despite all the evidence she’s provided, some people still believe her butt is fake. Right on cue, here comes Tyson Beckford in the comments section.

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    Commenting on a photo of Kim out and about, the model and actor wasn’t entirely down with her looks. He wrote, “Sorry I Don’t care for it personally” before hitting her with as much shade as he could respectfully throw. “She is not real,doctor fucked up on her right hip.” While we can confirm that Kardashian is, indeed, a real person, Tyson has a decent point when pointing out that in the photo, her hips are uneven. While he assumes that her surgeon just did a lousy job, this could very well just be a case of body shaming her natural figure. At this point, only she knows if she’s gotten implants…

    Adding a vomit emoji, Beckford clearly wants nothing to do with the entrepreneur. Hopefully, Kanye doesn’t see the comments. Then again, he doesn’t have Instagram so Tyson is probably safe.