King Von & G Herbo Prepare For War in Chiraq With “On Yo Ass”


King Von was one of many highly-anticipated music drops yesterday with the release of his new album Levon James. One of the standout records off the LP is a super hyphy track that features G Herbo titled “On Yo Ass” that sounds just as tough as the song title suggests.

Both emcees sound like they’re ready for straight war, and the beat produced by ChopSquad DJ matches their energy to a tee. It sounds like they’ve mastered all the ways of getting the one-up on their competition, whether hiding in grass, catching you after class or just openly scouring the streets of Chiraq to make sure you know that no place is safe when the choppers go off.

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Levon James is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen to “On Yo Ass” by King Von featuring G Herbo below, and also peep the official music video:

Quotable Lyrics:

I got Power, call me 50 (Just call me 50)
Lil’ n***a want smoke, he gon’ get it (Come and get it, n***a)
Ridin’ through Chiraq (I’m in the city, n***a)
Catch a n***a lackin’, shoot his back (With that 50, n***a)
Don’t see nobody, where these n***as at? (Where they at?)
I’ve been lurkin’ for so long, ran out of gas (B*tch I’m in, ho)
I saw ’em at the store but I ain’t have my mask
This the last f*ckin’ time that the opps gettin’ a pass (On my momma n***a)