Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions. Veremba TV


    Kylie Jenner asks Travis 23 questions and he’s an absolute mess

    As many (or none) of you may know, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott did a joint cover photo shoot with GQ.

    They talked about their relationship, their daughter, and how they started off their romance.

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    However, as a bonus, GQ has now released a video where Kylie asks her boyfriend 23 questions about herself.

    To be honest, a little bit of us feels sorry for the guy – he’s been put on the spot and asked many, many questions about his woman. Of course, everyone is judging him if he gets one wrong, so we’re going to give him a little break.

    And by little we mean absolutely tiny because he should 100 percent know what her dogs are called.

    The video is funny though. He gets stuff wrong, he can’t remember important information, and he just generally messes it up…. until the end.

    Some of the questions included:

    What are Kylie’s dogs called?

    How many tattoos does she have?

    What sports did she play as a kid?

    What is her middle name?

    And what are her parents’ birth name? (Yep, apparently they’re not Bruce and Kris).

    So anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy this video because it’s pretty funny to watch:

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