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Lakers Fans Upset Over LeBron’s MVP Bid Amid NBA Shutdown


Lakers fans have a peculiar sense of reality.

By now, it’s common knowledge that the NBA season has been suspended until further notice. This means there are no more games to enjoy. It also means that the entire outcome of the year is in limbo. If the season is canceled, then there would be no champion, MVP, rookie of the year, and so on. In this scenario, teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers would be at the biggest disadvantage since they are the best teams in the league. 

As you can imagine, Lakers fans are particularly upset about the season being suspended. Some, however, have completely missed the point and are more worried about LeBron James’ MVP chances than the well-being of others.

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Lakers fans have always been a bit more fanatical than the average NBA supporter so these sentiments shouldn’t be surprising. To be fair, LeBron is 35 years old and won’t have many more opportunities at a championship or MVP trophy. If this season were to end prematurely, it would be a devastating blow to one of the league’s greatest players.

You can check out what Lakers fans have been saying in the tweets, below. Also, stay tuned for updates regarding the NBA’s Coronavirus shutdown as we will be sure to bring you the latest.